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Ensure the security and safety of all aspects of your property

Check On Your Property From Anywhere

Giving you a new level of freedom in your home and business security, wireless systems are connected directly to the internet providing several benefits:

  • Access and stream the footage live so you can check on your home while you’re at work and vice versa.

  • The footage can be stored in the cloud for viewing later.

  • You can view your property on your mobile phone or laptop and know right away if something is wrong.

  • They are plug-and- play and the camera can be moved easily. Negates the need for wires and holes drilled into walls and ceilings.

House with a Pool
How It Works

Don't Become a Statistic on the News!

You can protect your property before a break-in occurs. Every day we hear about the increase in the incidence of burglary, break-ins, robberies, and hold-ups. We see the distress and anxiety these criminal events cause for business owners, employees, and other customers.

You don’t have to wait until criminals break down your doors and windows. Wireless security detects, films their presence, and notify your monitoring station of the threat. Sirens and outdoor alarms mean that neighbours are alerted and the intruder knows that law enforcement is on their way.

Wireless Security provides a greater level of security for your property, your people and your assets giving you greater peace of mind. You enjoy control, comfort and convenience.

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