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Ensure the security and safety of all aspects of your property

An Expert Security Team Monitoring Your Property 24/7

Having your alarm system is just the first step for effectively protecting your property. You need the back up of a team who will get into action when the alarm is activated.

GEA Security offers Contracted Alarm Monitoring which is manned 24 hours a day, ready to respond to any breach of your security. Ask us how this can be activated for your site.

You can trust us to respond to any emergency immediately, ensuring you get help the minute you need it. We make sure that your property is being safeguarded no matter where you are

  • A motion detector which can trigger the alarm and activate cameras

  • A break-glass detector to alert you of attempted break-ins or damage

  • Remote monitoring 24/7 that you can access wherever you are

  • GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) which is the best possible mobile data service and provides a more reliable form of security for your property

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How It Works

The GEA Control Room

Your security systems are connected to and monitored by our Control Room, which has been inspected by ASIAL (Industry Association) and is compliant with Australian Standards. Should an alarm be activated or compromised, our officers will take immediate and relevant action.

Our Response to Any Alarm Triggering Incident

  • Contact the appropriate people on your contact list

  • Receive instruction and advice from the contact on how to respond

  • Response is tailored to your needs

  • Ignore the alarm if it has been triggered by accident

  • Dispatch a patrol to inspect activity to ensure the property is secure if appropriate

  • The alarm can be verified by a mobile device as well as the control room

  • In the case of a break-in, the police can be called to attend

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Additional Assistance

GEA Security includes system management as part of our Alarm Monitoring service. Should a power failure occur or a backup battery fail, our service department will provide support. Should a problem with the system occur, our technical team will contact you to arrange a service call to resolve the problem.

A routine maintenance call-out and priority phone support can also be added to this service.

Contact GEA Security to discuss the benefits of using our Alarm Monitoring service.

Our Clients

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