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Digital Security System


Ensure the security and safety of all aspects of your property

Protect Your Home and Business

Access control can collect data on the movement of your staff, such as start and stop times, to monitor when your staff is on site. Access control can be set up by GEA Security via a code pad, swipe card, using token systems, fingerprint scanning, and keypads requiring a PIN.

Access control is an extension of your alarm system:

  • Allows different staff members entry into certain secure areas

  • Limits access to others

  • Keeps your customers from entering areas reserved for staff only

  • Keeps areas secure, such as your cash register, behind the sales counter, your storeroom, and staff room, helping to prevent theft

  • Create a safer working environment for your staff

Private Property

Industries We Service

Alongside our residential services, GEA Security assist many industries and businesses through Access Control solutions including:

  • Schools and colleges

  • Hospitals, pharmacies, and medical centres

  • Hotels

  • Sports facilities

  • Warehouses and logistics businesses

  • Industrial and manufacturing factories

  • Apartment complexes

  • Corporate offices

Luxury House

Contact GEA Security today!

GEA applies the latest technology in access control to create the best system for your requirements and can integrate access control system with your other security and business systems.

  • Ask us about using proximity card readers and electronic locking devices

  • Check out how your system is programmed to define entrances, times and rules of entry

  • See how information is sent to the doors, elevators and control panels on your premises

  • Find out how valid employees access the areas via a card or fob

Our Clients

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